3 Tips to Prevent Maskne

Is maskne a real thing? Yes, it is, and the summer heat isn’t helping to prevent the whiteheads, blackheads or pimples, from appearing on the lower cheek or chin. I’m not a doctor or dermatologist, so I won’t speak to diagnosing or treating maskne. In this post, I will share some tips I use to prevent maskne through daily practices.

What is Maskne?

 In a recent CBS 4 article,” maskne refers to irritation, acne and inflammation around where people are wearing their face masks. Often, the sores and lesions pop up around the jawline, chin and upper lip, area.” 

What Causes Maskne?

The article explains, “according to Dr. Syril Kenne Que, MD, MPH, “There are really two contributing factors to it; one of them being the mechanical friction from using the mask. That is leading to irritation and inflammation. It’s really the perfect environment for the development of acne cysts.”

Dr. Que said the second contributing factor is the heat stress. Just like masks protect people from an airborne virus, they are blocking our skin from fresh air and moisture that helps it to breathe. “The constant breathing and talking and all the moisture from under the occlusion is again, contributing to inflammation, irritation and skin breakdown. That can propagate bacteria that causes acne, which clogs the pores.””

Now that we know that we understand what causes maskne let’s discuss some tips on preventing maskne.

 Tips to Prevent Maskne

Wash Your Face Frequently 

Keep your skin clean, always less time for bacteria and or oil to clog pores creating breakouts.

Using a face wash with salicylic acid can act as a defense against blackheads, whiteheads, and minor acne. Don’t forget to moisturize as these face washes can leave skin dry.

Change Your Mask Frequently

Understanding that personal protection equipment (PPE) is hard to come by, it’s essential to keep in mind how many times you’ve worn a mask.

This is one of the benefits of using a fabric mask that can be worn after each use. Using a gentle laundry soap to washcloth mask can also help to prevent maskne. 

For more information on who should wear a cloth mask and how to make them, please read this article by the CDC.

Skip The Makeup!

Okay, I must admit this has been the most significant adjustment for me. I rarely leave the house with lipstick, which goes a very creative art project in my mask. 

In recent months, I’ve switched up my makeup routine opting for concealer, light face powder, and I’ve chosen for a lip mask for added moisture. 

Also, for the perfect No Makeup Look checkout my tutorial.

Staying safe during these unprecedented times is bigger deal than acne, but I hope that these tips help you to achieve both. 

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