The Plus-size Guide to Disney: Dressing for Comfort and Style

Over the years, I’ve learned many lessons about melting in the summer heat, and I’ve finally cracked the code for comfort and style at Disney while being plus size. Growing up in Florida and now as an annual passholder, we love Disney year-round! But the summer heat will test you, so here is my Plus-size Guide to Disney, full of tips for staying cool and comfortable yet photo-ready at Disney.  

Embark on your magical journey with confidence and comfort with my insider tips on dressing for success at the happiest place on earth. From outfit choices to essential accessories, I’ve got you covered every step of the way.

the ultimate plus-size guide to Disney provides insider tips on dressing comfortably and stylishly, accessorizing wisely, staying cool in the heat, and embracing insider secrets for a fabulous visit.

What to Wear to Disney: Plus-size Guide to Disney Comfort and Style

When it comes to dressing for success at Disney, choosing the right clothing is key. I love loose, breathable fabrics that allow maximum airflow, especially in the warm Florida weather. My go-to’s are linen pieces, casual dresses, or athleisure pieces like tennis skirts. These are especially nice because they are made with stretch waistbands to accommodate movement and moisture-wicking material that helps with sweat throughout the day. Prioritize comfort without compromising style by selecting outfits that make you feel confident and ready to take on the magic of Disney.

Accessorize Wisely: Must-Have Items for Plus-size Visitors

Remember to accessorize wisely for your day at Disney! Stay comfortable by choosing must-have items such as a wide-brimmed hat to shield from the sun. For an extra Disney touch, try a parasol or cute umbrella. Staying hands-free is critical, so opt for a crossbody bag or small backpack to keep essentials handy without weighing you down.

Did you know, on average, guests at Walt Disney World walk 7–10 miles daily, equivalent to 140,000 steps over a week-long vacation. 

So I can’t stress the importance of comfortable sneakers or sandals for long days of walking. Here are my favorite shoes by park:

For a full day at Magic Kingdom, the New Balance 515 sneakers are my top pick. The cushioned footbed and wider toe box allow for maximum comfort.

When it comes to the sometimes wet and fluting inclines at Animal Kingdom, I find that my Chacos Z/1s are best! The straps are fully adjustable for a customized feel and support. Also, the comfort sole provides arch support and a no-slip traction grip.

Our favorite park for a relaxing day at Disney is EPCOT! The ECCO COZMO is the perfect lightweight sandal for unbeatable comfort and style. Last but not least, if you are visiting Hollywood Studios, any of these footwear options will work. So, I recommend coordinating your outfit with your favorite world within the park.

Stay Cool and Hydrated: Beating the Heat at Disney

Stay calm and hydrated by following these tips for beating the heat at Disney.

  • Water is free at Disney Parks: There are many stations to fill your water bottles, or you can simply ask for a cup of ice water at any quick-service or table-service restaurant. 
  • Cooling Towels: We purchased ours at the park, but you can also find them on Amazon. To dip the towels, use a cup of free ice water.
  • Personal Misting Fans: I can’t tell you how many times someone passing by tells us these are the best ideas. The water mist helps to cool the air from the fan and is a plus-size guide to Disney must-have.

Pro Tip: Plan shows or indoor rides throughout your day so you can cool off in the air conditioning. This is why EPCOT is our favorite for sweltering days. Also, Build a Better Mouse Trip has a great article on cooling down at Disney World rides and shows.

Plus-size Guide to Disney Tips for a Fabulous Visit

As I shared on my Instagram, my secret weapons for all-day comfort start before hitting the parks. I use Megababe Bust Dust to help with under-boob sweat.

Bring Chafing cream/gel to the pack with you. On my recent trip, I loved the ease and packability of the Monisat Chafing Relief Powder Gel, Anti-Chafe Protection. I typically apply a little between the thighs, although it is safe to use long-lasting chafing prevention and relief for your body’s most intimate and delicate areas.

Additionally, taking breaks throughout the day to rest and recharge can help you maintain your energy levels and enjoy the park to the fullest. Don’t be afraid to ask for accommodations or assistance if needed – Disney Cast Members are there to ensure all guests have a great time. By following these pro tips, you can make the most of your Disney adventure and create treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

I hope that with this plus-size guide to Disney, you can confidently embark on your Disney adventure and make unforgettable memories in the happiest place on earth. So, take these tips to heart, stay fabulous throughout your visit, and let Disney’s magic work wonders. Enjoy every moment of your Disney experience!

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