The Perfect Faux Leather Pieces for Fall

And How to Style Them

I don’t know about you, but I am here for all the faux leather pieces this fall! Designers are stepping away from the traditional fall colors and opting for muted pastels, gorgeous denim blues, and stunning neutrals. Today I’m rounding up the perfect plus-size faux leather pieces for fall and sharing tips for styling them.  

Faux Leather Skirts & Dresses

Faux Leather Skirts

Faux leather skirts are a fall and winter essential! I love pairing them with oversized kit sweaters or layered under cardigans. This season has fun with new color options and unique cuts.  

i typically stay away from faux leather dresses because I prefer the versatility of separates; however, this year’s dresses have converted me. From mini to faux leather in beautiful hues of blues, greens, and rich camel tones. 

TIP: When styling these pieces, mix midi-length skirts with at-the-knee boots for a chic touch. 

the perfect plus-size faux leather pieces for fall

Faux Leather Pants

I have a love-hate relationship with faux leather pants. Being piece and plus-size, I’ve found it challenging to find pants that fit in all the right places yet are comfortable. That’s until I tried one of these fantastic faux leather Pants.  

TIP: For cuvier types, opt for a more relaxed or oversize cut and then size down. This tip may provide extra comfort in your thighs and hips area.

Faux Leather Outerwear for Fall


Okay, one of my favorite pieces for fall is faux leather outerwear. Please give me all the moto jackets, shackets, and cardigans. The styling options are endless!

TIP: To add interest to your fall outfit mix textures, try a satin blouse layered under moto. 

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