The Best Graphic Tees for Summer


Are you looking for the best graphic tees and shorts for summer? Well, Lane Bryant just refreshed their tees collection in time for the warmer temperatures. 

In this Mom & Daughter Instagram Reels, Kiera & I share our fave Lane Bryant picks, including accessories & shoes.

Where to Find the Best Graphic Tees for Summer?

Graphic Tees are a great way to infuse personality into your wardrobe. I love a tee with a positive message, like the “Be You” shirt I’m wearing in the video. 

True story, we were out in the city, and this guy walking by said, “love your shirt.” So, of course, I returned his compliment with a smile and thank you. Who knew that a graphic tee could open the moment to share kindness with a stranger?

Comfortable Plus Size Shorts for Plus Size

Who has time for uncomfortable denim anymore? When it comes to comfortable plus-size shorts, Lane Bryant is unmatched. Their shorts have comfort built into the flex magic waistband. This technology offers the no-gap, stretch waistband that moves with you for all-day comfort.

Must-have Summer Accessories

Some of my favorite accessories are from Lane Bryant, and this summer, they give us all the fun, color, and I love it all! 

If you need wide-width options, then Lane Bryant is your destination for summer sandals. Their sandals have dream cloud insoles, developed with an additional 5mm of cushion padding for extra comfort. It’s like walking on a could, seriously! 

The Best Graphic Tees for Summer Bras

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know my love for Cacique undergarments. The balconette bar is my go-to under t-shirts; it’s an everyday bra that never felt so smooth (thanks to the sleek stretch fabric and its all-day comfort). Also, Some styles convert to a racerback with one click, thanks to an interlocking design on the lacy straps.

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