No Makeup Look for Dark Skin

Makeup should enhance your natural beauty.

How to Perfect No Makeup Look for Dark Skin

Perfecting the no-makeup look for Dark Skin starts with a barely-there foundation with a flawless finish. Depending on your coverage preference you may opt to substitute a concealer instead of foundation. This is my everyday go-to for work from home life.

I believe brows are the most intimidating part of makeup. It took years of practice to learn to love my brows. The trick is to follow your natural brow shape.

Lashes are the cherry on top! Okay, there are few tricks to applying false lashes. First, change your lash glue every few weeks to keep the glue from separating. Once you apply a thin strip of glue to the lash let it dry until tacky then apply. Lastly, place a mirror under the lash, so you are looking down and apply the lash. This position will make it easier to align the lash on your eye.

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