How to Do the Perfect Red Lip for Everyday

My journey to find the perfect red lip that would complement my skin tone was not easy. Now I love a red lip, every day.

Two of the most asked questions I receive are “How to do a red lip?” and “What’s the best red lipstick for dark skin?” I’ve tried every type of red lipstick, lip liners, and let’s not even start on all the undertones. So I’ve picked up three easy beauty tips to do the perfect red lip through the years of trial and error. 

How To Do The Perfect Red Lip For Everyday


Prepare Your Lips

Have you ever heard that saying your preparation matters? Well, when it comes to the perfect red lip, having your smooth and hydrated lips is a must. 

Step One. Prep Your Lips 

Exfoliate your lips using a sugar lip mask (see recipe below) or gently scrub your lips with your toothbrush—next, follow-up with a balm to hydrate your lips. 

Step Two. Line Your Lips 

I prefer a dull edge on my lip liner for a gradual transition. So start in the middle of your lip and outline the cupid bow. Then fill in the rest of the lip to make your lipstick last longer. If you prefer a slightly over the lined lip, this is time to perfect the shape. 

Fill in Lip with the Perfect Red 

Now fill in the center of your lip to the edge nice and neat. If you make a mistake, no worries, use a little concealer to make any corrections. Also here’s a pro tip: Always check your teeth for any lipstick after applying. Check out this article for a simple trick to avoid getting lipstick on your teeth

How To Choose the Right Red Lipstick

Choosing the right red lipstick can take a few tries to get the perfect shade. So I love to try a few shades in different undertones. Also wear a white shirt when trying on the different shades. Depending on the colors in your outfit a shade of red could clash. So to this point, I prefer a blue-based red for everyday. However, I have a few go-to shades depending on my outfit.

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xo, CanDe