Five Habits to Be More Productive

We all want to be more productive, right? If you’re anything like me, in the past, I added everything I could think of to my “to-do list” without any system to prioritize. By the end, I would have an extensive list and the feeling of being overwhelmed. In this post, I am sharing five habits I currently use to be more productive and get the to-do done.


Edit Your To-List

This habit changed the game for me. Removing things that weren’t necessary gave me a little time back without sacrificing what’s important to me, like cooking dinner every night and replacing it with three larger meals (that provided for leftovers) a week.

Take Time for Your First Thing in the Morning

Nowadays, the first thing we do is check our social media and emails. This habit is so unhealthy for setting the tone for the day; instead, take a moment to drink a cup of coffee, read, or meditate. Even if it only a few minutes, your mood for the day will be more productive.

Create a Schedule

Take your edited to-do list and use it to build a schedule for the week. Maybe you begin to have one or two major daily tasks, which provides flexibility for random things that come up.

Handle the Big Task Before Lunch

Now that you know what has to get done, do it before lunch. Okay, maybe you’re not a morning person that adjusts this to your most productive period that works without interruption. The main point here is to get it done! I commit myself that I won’t shuffle the major daily task.

Stop Multi-tasking

I know that we all think we are great at multi-tasking. The truth is we’re not! Give your focus to the task at hand, knowing that you will have time to do the rest once you’re done.

Habits Of Productive People
how to be more productive

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I hope you find these tips helpful, and most importantly, you put them into practice. Confidence is built through consistently showing up for life. #GoLiveLifeOutLoud

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