Feels Good to Feel Good in Leopard!

I heard a quote today, “it feels good to feel good!” This outfit makes me scream; it feels good to feel good in leopard!

Feels Good to Feel Good in Leopard!

Finding the Ways to Feel Good

In a world where feelings can be skin-deep; finding ways to feel good are essential to your mental health.

skin-deep /ˈˌskin ˈˌdēp/ adjective 1. not deep or lasting; superficial 

 Finding the Ways to Feel Good by Eloquii

SIZING INFO: I am wearing an 14/16 (top) and 18/20 (bottom), which is my usual size. I am 5’2 inches and the fit is perfect. Both items have good stretch and fit very comfortable.

Celebrate the Little Wins in Life

I’ve learned that it’s more important to celebrate the little wins in life. These are the moments that provide accelerations in your stride that lead to the BIG wins.

So the next time you find an outfit that makes you feel like the queen you are; celebrate it! Know that it feels good to feel good, and you deserve it.

CanDe of CanDesLand

I recently met the fantastic Essie Golden IRL, and during our exchange, she complimented me “yellow is your color!” To which I responded a confident, “Yes, it is!” Her reaction to me owning that yellow makes me feel good was, “Girl, I love it!” She expressed how some people have a hard time accepting compliments and that we needed to pause and celebrate. 

Feel Good in Leopard by Eloquii

What’s the Difference?

Now, of course, reading this it may come off as conceded, but I promise that there is a difference between being confident and self-absorb. I believe one of the keys to knowing the difference and avoiding imposture syndrome; understand how you got there. 

“When the world tells you to shrink; expand.”  

Elaine Welteroth

I remember times where the world tried to dim my light. We all have them. Through the ups and downs, I learned to channel my inner leopard. Sometimes you have to move in silence and be your own cheerleader. 

Go live life out loud and then come back & tell your girl all about it!

I love you guys, be blessed!

xoxo CanDe

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