Fall Sweater Dresses for All Styles

It’s fall! Bring on the sweater dress, booties, and chunky necklaces.  After months of loungewear, I can’t wait to wear denim, cardigans, and my favorite fall fashion sweater dresses. ⁣Why do I love them so much? Sweater dresses are so effortless and chic! Also, they are very versatile; simply change up your accessories.

Tips To Buying A Quality Sweater Dress

Keys to Finding the Perfect Sweater Dress

We all know the wrong sweater dress can be itchy, shapeless, and just not stylish. With these simple tips, you can avoid these dilemmas and find the perfect sweater dress for fall.

Great Sweater dress: Quality over Quantity

Okay, this saying maybe a little cliche, but it couldn’t be for actual when it comes to knit pieces. Quality materials like wool and cashmere will cost more than cotton or polyester knit; however, the feel and warmth are no comparison.


Pro Tip: Buy sweaters in the summer when they are deeply discounted and stick to timeless styles.

Tips To Buying A Quality Sweater | How To Buy women's Sweaters | A woman’s Guide To Sweater Buying

Timeless Wins Every Time!

At least this is true when it comes to price per wear. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t switch it up and have fun with the style or color. Just remember this shopping tip I shared on my Instagram, “Whenever I find a new piece, I ask myself, ‘can I style this piece at least three ways with items I already own?⁠”


Fit, Fit, Fit

Lastly, I will sing this song until I’m blue in the face “Fit over Numbers.” I know you’re thinking, “girl, that’s easier said than done.” Okay, I get it, but my philosophy has always been “I will buy the size 18 because it fits my body the best, and work towards my goal size.

I’m saying that there is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight or getting back to a prior size; goals are great. However, it’s just as important to feel good where you are now. Remember, you don’t have to buy a full wardrobe, just a few essential staples that FIT great!

cute plus size sweater dresses

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SIZING INFO: I am wearing a size 14/16 dress and I’m 5’2 for reference.

Blue Sweater Dress |BootiesLipstick | Lashes 


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