Dermalogica Summer Skincare Routine Event

During #MiamiSkinWeek Dermalogica hosted a summer skincare school at the beautiful 1 Hotel in Miami Beach. The event focused a easy summer skincare routine on the new Prisma Protect spf30; light-activated skin defense.

Dermalogica Summer Skin Care Routine Event
Dermalogica Laed Trainer introducing Prisma Protect spf30
Lindsey Harrod and CanDesLand fitness class
Lindsey Harrod (@LindseyHarrod) & I

The skincare event event kicked off with a work-out session with Lindsey Harrod. The 45 minutes Lean & Lifted workout class was high intensity without weights. Being totally honest your girl was not ready for it, but after we were done I felt charged.

CanDesLand after Lindsey Harrod fitness class with Dermalogica
My Daughter & I sweating up an appetite

After the workout, we were treated to a delicious lunch buffet prepared by the 1 Hotel chef. We were able to mingle and meet other attendees. Most were from the skincare industry and had attended the Dermalogica school in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

At the conclusion of lunch, we were ushered into a gorgeous room lined with tables and Dermalogica skincare routine products. Each seat had a personal setup and an iridescent travel bag containing more products to take home.


It was time to talk skin yay! But first, we needed a glass of wine. How could we talk pampering without treating ourselves to a glass of wine?

Healthy skin begins with knowledge

We took a personalized assessment to provide insight into our skin’s unique needs. This would enable us to choose the best products from the skincare line. Dermalogica also offers this virtual assessment on their website for you to complete at home.

Ladies receiving Face Fits with the Dermalogica Team

Based on the face mapping our group concerns varied from adult acne to severely dry skin. We spent the latter part of the day going step by step through every product category in the line and the benefits of each.

Dermalogica Summer Skin Care Routine Event

By the end of the class, our skin felt soft & supple. Rather than go through each product and overwhelm you with information.

Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite skincare product. Check out my top skincare picks from the Dermalogica skincare line below.

Dermalogica Summer Skin Care Routine Event

Go live life out loud and then come back & tell your girl all about it!

I love you guys, be blessed!

xoxo CanDe 

For more event content click here for BTS access to the TXTR by Cantu Secret Garden party.


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