My Custom Closet Journey

with Inspired Closets Chicago
Title: My Custom Closet Journey with Inspired Closets Chicago
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What is a fashion lover to do when your new home has no walk-in closets? Build a custom closet! When I purchased my home, I knew the primary bedroom reach-in closet would be challenging because I went from having a walk-in closet and a reach-in closet for my shoes and accessories in my previous apartment. Trying to make the existing wire rack system work for my wardrobe was overwhelming. After the closet system failed (literally), it was time to search for a solution that could maximize the limited space.

Master Bedroom Reach-In Closet Ideas

When you search master bedroom closet, you can go down a rabbit hole of ideas for a dream closet, typically a room converted into a boutique closet. Fabulous right? Well, it posed a question in my mind, could I create my dream reach-in closet? 

creating my dream closet with Inspired Closets Chicago

Inspired Closets Chicago

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This post is in partnership with Inspired Closets Chicago. All opinions and views are my own.

Mike Carson of Inspired Closets Chicago guided me through designing my dream closet

I contacted the team at Inspired Closets Chicago to help me dream big for my little space! After my complimentary in-home consultation with the owner Mike Carson, I knew I had chosen the right company. 

While he measured the closet, I learned he had over 32 years of experience designing custom organization solutions. We discussed my top priorities for the Closet; maximizing space with a touch of glam. During our meeting, I mentioned that I saw a TikTok where someone removed the closet header to open the wall and add more space. Mike loved the concept and offered to send two mock-ups for me to consider. 

How Do You Make A Functional Reach In Closet?

I love that Inspired Closets will dream as big or small as you desire! After receiving both options, I chose not to go with the custom armoire design because I genuinely wanted to share how we created a beautiful and functional reach-in closet.

How Do You Make A Functional Reach In Closet?

Working with Inspired Closets Chicago was a breeze even though I live in the suburbs of Chicago. They have a gorgeous showroom in Oak Brook. Seeing and touching the materials in person was so helpful before finalizing the design. Mike and I reviewed the 3D rendering of my custom design, and we added details like lighting, hardware, and organizational accessories to make my dream closet a reality.

While in the showroom, I saw the full range of spaces Inspired Closets Chicago could provide organization solutions for. Anything from garages, laundry rooms, pantries, home offices, entryways, and more! (Full list is here in the consultation form (insert link)). It was so inspiring to see the possibilities!

After finalizing the design, we scheduled the installation a few weeks later. Next, Inspired Closets Chicago sends the custom measurements to their Holland, MI facility for production.

the Journey of designing a dream wardrobe

Preparing For My Custom Closet 

I wanted to purge my wardrobe as part of my custom closet journey. Because I had to remove everything from my closet to prepare for installation, it was the perfect opportunity to refine my style and let go of pieces taking up space. 

I spent a few hours using the KonMari Method, which encourages you to keep the things that speak to the heart and discard items that no longer spark joy. After sorting through a few items, I understood the difference between liking some clothing and the clothing that sparked joy. 

Next, I used the rule of three to narrow down further the items that were left. This process revealed gaps in my wardrobe and exposed items I bought in excess. How many skinny jeans does one fashion lover need? 

Installation Day with Inspired Closets Chicago

Since moving in, I’ve quickly realized I’m not a DIYer! Knowing that the Inspired Closets Chicago team would help remove the existing closet system and prepare my walls for installation was a huge relief. 

Chicago Home Renovation

Leading up to the appointment, I received a couple of reminders and a courtesy call when the installer was fifty minutes from arriving. The installer arrived on time and reviewed the process timeline. The installation of my reach-in closet would only take a few hours. I appreciated how the team protected my flooring from debris and cleaned up after the work was finished before leaving. 

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Is A Custom Closet Worth It?

My immediate answer is YES! I love my custom closet! It is so gorgeous and everything I wanted and needed. There are many options for a closet solution, but the quality, availability, and seamless installation make Inspired Closets Chicago the best pick! 

building my dream wardrobe organization on a budget

A Few Of My Favorite Design Items in My Custom Closet

Outfit Hook: The prefect place to create my outfit of the day.

Built-in Lighting: I love the dimmable lights that along the cabinetry. It feels like shopping in a boutique!

Adjustable Shelving: Always get adjustable shelving allowing freedom to customize each space. 

Gold Hardware: The gold hardware adds a luxurious touch. 

Drawer Inserts: I love that I can keep my jewelry organized and accessible. 

Overhead Storage: This was another reason I opted against the armoire. Leaving the closet header provided an area for storing the ‘not-so-pretty’ things of life, miscellaneous bags, etc. 

If you’ve been considering redesigning a space in your home, I recommend Inspired Closets Chicago. Call them or schedule a consultation via this link. Be sure to tell them I sent you to save 10% off your project the offer is only valid through the end of March 2023. 

PS: I have saved everything in an IG highlight from before videos, and process, so check that out! 

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