How to Love Your Body. Now!

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to love your body? Is it normal to feel this way? According to survey by Refinery 29 a little less than half of the readers survey had some feelings about their body confidence.


This article will lay the foundation on how to build body confidence and start loving your body now.

It can be so hard to see yourself as beautiful because we live in a world that defines beauty as perfection. We need perfect curves, smooth skin, and cellulite-free legs for days. I don’t know about you, but I’m over it! These definitions of beauty have been the standards for way too long.

body confidence

You may be thinking “this is easier said than done” or maybe your version of perfect is so far from where you are now that you don’t know where to start.

No worries, I’ve got your back! Below I’m sharing some essential tips for boosting your body confidence and establishing a healthy foundation of self-love.

First, remember your not alone; contrary to the #instagoal feeds on Instagram. The truth is, no matter how “perfect” someone’s body is, we all want to change something. This is why I believe building body confidence starts with accepting your “flaws” or better defined as your “uniqueness.”

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Flaunt What Your Momma Gave Ya!

Lil Jon almost had it right when he said: “Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya.” What is your favorite body part? For me, it’s my curves (especially after growing up pretty curve-less). Maybe for you, it is your legs or cute belly button. Whatever it is that’s your secret weapon, and you can use it whenever you need a confidence boost. The key is when you know what you know, no one can tell you that it isn’t (and even if they try who cares).

I remember one GNO in my early twenties we were leaving a nightclub and a man in another group walking by made a comment “put some clothes on big girl.” See your girl had on my House of Dereon bodycon dress that hugged every curve. I was the baddest that night, and I knew it! His opinion didn’t mean a thing. I strutted right by them with my head up; I wasn’t going to let some man that I wouldn’t even look twice at make me feel less than what I knew was true.

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I’m a Copy Cat, and I’m Proud of It!

Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. 

Jim Jarmusch is a director, producer, and screenwriter

Okay, let be honest, I don’t entirely agree with Jim. I do believe we should use the inspirations around us to elevate our thinking. When it comes to fashion inspiration, think of celebrities that have similar body shapes as you; this may include someone that isn’t the same race or even size sometimes. Your focus is to study how they dress to show off the best parts of them. Remember, celebrities spend thousands of dollars on a stylist to make them look great. Use them as inspiration to recreate the foundation of your looks and then add your own unique style to make it your own.

Love is ____________.

Love begins with acceptance. This doesn’t mean you have to settle; it’s just the foundation.

body confidence

Starting with love will allow for everything that comes after that point to be from a positive place.

It all starts and ends with love.


Self-love is the foundation of body confidence. Taking time to let your mind and soul align is so essential. This can lead to healthy relationships with yourself, your loved ones, and even food & exercise.  

I strive to meditate every morning for about 15-20, just focusing on my breathing. I allow my mind to drift in and out of presence. This allows me to connect with the universe and align my daily intentions.

Living life with intention is not something that just happens; you actually have to be intentional. Claim that you love your body! 
My mantra is “Live Life Out Loud” which means showing up for life in the moments that matter most.

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So go live life out loud and then come back & tell your girl all about it!

I love you guys, be blessed! xoxo Can